Washington, D.C., October 21, 2021— Yesterday, about 40 public affairs professionals and members of the press joined Electo Analytics at a private in-person event to discuss the role of software in shaping the future of public policy.

Electo advisory board member and entrepreneur Ken Biberaj moderated a three person panel with panelists Ashley Davis, Founding Partner at Westfront Strategies LLC, Shawn Golhar, Head of Public Policy Research at Barclays Bank, and Amanda Byrd, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism.

“Government was designed to be a slow, steady process; that’s changing now. Policy can’t keep up with the pace of innovation without software to bridge the gap” said Byrd.

Several panelists noted the value of public affairs software to help policy professionals navigate emerging industries, such as cryptocurrency or blockchain.

“Cryptocurrency, for example, is outside the realm of comfort for many in public policy, yet we need to address its role in our society right now. In my work, I’m going to need a way to track legislation and regulation on cryptocurrency with ease,” said Golhar.

“I think on cryptocurrency especially, it’s hard to pass legislation on an issue most [in D.C.] know little about. Software technology bridges the gap between political savvy and industry knowledge,” said Davis.

The panel is the first in a series designed to facilitate discussion around policy and technology. Future panels will continue to feature perspectives from industry leaders.

Electo Analytics is a public affairs software designed to expand access to essential public affairs information. It is the first public affairs software focused on equipping a diverse range of policy teams with the tools needed to influence policy making. Electo has a growing waitlist of prospective clients.

“We want to transform how policy is made. Our software removes barriers for underrepresented communities and teams of all sizes to influence policy. Amplifying the capacity of a diverse range of public affairs teams encourages healthy competition in the policy sphere,” said Naeim Khanjani, Co-Founder and CEO of Electo Analytics.

About Electo Analytics: Electo Analytics is a public affairs software company based in Washington D.C. At Electo, we expand access to information to empower policy teams to work faster and reach higher.