It’s past time we remixed the entrepreneur archetype. The tried-and-true definition of an emerging or aspiring business owner feels tired. The modern entrepreneur is a mover, shaker and doer who’s not content with simply breaking all the rules. Our 52 trailblazers featured in the October issue are rewriting the rules, tearing them up and doing it all over again. It’s creation at its purest, because the fruits of one’s hustle are not actualized overnight or by following one jet-lagged recipe. It’s no longer adequate to measure entrepreneurs by the brick-and-mortar spaces they manifest or the jobs they create. Those are all important elements but fall short of what it truly means to build something — often with blood, sweat and tears. Whether you’re revamping the vintage clothing industry, introducing a fresh dining concept, cultivating an advocacy-focused creative agency or advancing the cause of equality for the LGBTQ+ community, the only thing that matters is freedom — the freedom to march to the beat of your own badass drum. Read our full rundown of trailblazers here.

Electo Analytics co-founders Soraya Bagheri and Naeim Khanjani created the public affairs software and legislative tool to democratize information. The nonpartisan, cost-efficient and collaborative company emphasizes their team’s culture of support in high-stress environments, and luckily its founders understand the line between stress and passion.

Advice that keeps you hungry
SB: The question to ask an early-stage startup is not “Is this company taking over the world?” but “How big could this company get if the founders did the right things?”
NK: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” -Simon Sinek

What your day is incomplete without
SB: Reading the news from multiple sources. I like to be in-the- know each day, and usually read from 6-7:45 a.m.

NK: Keeping up with updates from other entrepreneurs on Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m always looking to learn from my peers.

Your power outfit remix
SB: Styling a power outfit is an art, and much more than just picking what looks nice. Stylists are masters of dressing methodically to send a message. It’s especially true beyond a one-off event, when [you’re] using a progression of looks to build a personal brand.
NK: The right power outfit is one that gives off your intended energy. So, if you’re attending a conference and want to appear both savvy and approachable, consider how your outfit reflects that.

What every entrepreneur needs
SB: A list of what’s blocking growth. As an entrepreneur, if you know what the limiters are, you’ll naturally think about how to address them.

NK: Caring for your team. I cannot stress this enough. Startups experience a lot of twists and turns in their early stages, and it’s crucial to create a supportive and encouraging environment for your team. Even in high stress situations, everyone needs to feel supported and valued in their work. All entrepreneurs must cultivate caring team cultures.

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